The Red Book

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Enter the greatest mystery of all: the mystery within.


In 1913, in the midst of personal and professional turmoil, psychologist Carl G. Jung had a life-changing breakdown. He was overtaken by violent visions. He believed the visions were erupting from his unconscious and revealed vital facts which he must understand. During the day, he saw his patients and lived a normal life with his family. But in the evenings, he slipped into the mysterious realm of his own personal underworld and recorded what he found there. From this internal exploration, he began to develop the underpinnings of what would become known as Analytical psychology. What he recorded from his explorations into his fantasies were woven into his work for the next half century, and ultimately comprised his magnum opus, an illuminated manuscript of 205 pages, bound in thick red leather and titled Liber Novus, “the new book.” Commonly referred to simply as The Red Book, this work was not published until 2009, nearly 50 years after Jung's death, to great acclaim, inspiring international exhibits, dialogues, music, art, and a new level of engagement with Jung's work.

THE RED BOOK documentary brings to life this critical period in Jung's life using an original hybrid of documentary footage and artfully-crafted animation, true to Jung's original paintings. Told in this visionary mix-media style befitting the text, THE RED BOOK documentary explores the force of imagination—the creative source within us all.